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Company -Our target is to raise the level of the privatization company in terms of performance, production and efficiency to occupy a position in the local Jordanian market and to lead and develop it to take an economic position among the industrial companies internationally

Factories– The development of our factories is our most important priority, as we keep up with the latest industrial technology always in improving the performance of production lines, which reflect positively on raising the efficiency of the product and reduce its cost and thus reduce prices for the consumer

Products- We always strive as an industrial company to develop our products of home electrical appliances to suit all categories of consumers and to suit all conditions with guaranteeing the best price and excellent quality for our customer.

Customer satisfaction- As a manufacturer company, we always aim to provide customer satisfaction so we seek to provide the highest professional service with quick response and efficient performance by this we guarantee our customer satisfaction which reflect positively on our sales.

Staff- Our success as a company depends mainly on a professional staff so our target is to employee a qualified staff and improving their performance since the employee performance indicator reflects mainly the performance of the company as a whole, a large proportion of our staff are working in the production lines so we always strive to support and develop our team performance and improve their efficient in various practical and theoretical ways.